Overton Grange School

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New Year 7 Intake

Transfer from Primary school to Overton Grange School

Year 7 Entry : September 2015

For Students born between: 1 September 2003 and 31 August 2004

Overton Grange School is part of the Pan London co-ordinated admissions scheme for secondary admissions.  Parents must complete the Common Application Form (CAF) from their Home Local Authority – this is the borough where your Council Tax is paid – regardless of the location of the schools you wish to apply for or where you child currently attends primary school.  If you wish to apply for a place at Overton Grange School, you must name the school as one of your preferences on the Common Application Form, by the closing date.  It is recommended that you apply online –where possible.  Further information is also available from the Admissions Team at the London Borough of Sutton www.sutton.gov.uk/admissions.


The school prospectus will be available at the Open Evening held in the first half of the Autumn Term, details of which are published on our website and also the London Borough of Sutton.


The admission number for Year 7 is 210.  In the event of over-subscription, places will be allocated in the following order of priority:


  1. Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.
  2. Where there are professionally supported medical reasons or exceptional social reasons.
  3. Where there will be an older brother or sister at the school at the time of the younger child’s admission.
  4. Proximity to the school from the pupil’s home address, the distance measured in a straight line to the main entrance of the school building, with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority.  The address to be used in the initial allocation of places will be the address on 31 October 2014 unless a subsequent move has been accepted for allocation purposes.


Where two or more applicants share priority for a place, the child to be allocated will be determined by the drawing of lots.


Distance offered under criterion 4 for the last three years:

2014        –       2.36km

2013        –       3.98km

2012        –       3.47km  (reflecting changing Birth rate)

2011        –       1.96km