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Controlled Assessment

What is controlled assessment?

Some GCSEs have Controlled Assessment rather than coursework. Controlled Assessment is similar to coursework in many ways and gives you an opportunity to show what you know about a certain topic or area of your subject.

However, Controlled Assessment is different from coursework by having controls which determine how and where you complete your assessments and what resources you may use.

These controls mean that:

  • all students complete their assessments in the same way
  • assessments are fairer and more reliable
  • you get the marks you deserve.

Your teacher prepares you for the Controlled Assessments and gives you any advice and support that you need such as how and where to research information. We recommend that you keep a research diary or folder in which you can:

  • make a note of all the books, websites etc that you have used in your research.
  • keep your notes, ideas and essay plans together.
  • record your group work as you may be allowed to work in groups on certain activities
  • give to your teacher to record their feedback and advice to you at certain stages during your assessment.

Your teacher will explain what reference materials and resources you may use and how your assessments have to be completed. It is important that you follow these rules:

  • hand in work that is your own
  • don’t allow other students to copy your work
  • credit the author when you have copied work directly from books, the internet or other sources
  • don’t hand in work typed or word-processed by someone else without saying so.

If you have any questions or concerns about Controlled Assessment please contact your teacher.