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Year 11

Welcome to Year 11 – your final year of compulsory education.

This is your most important year to date and therefore you should ensure that you take every opportunity presented to you in order to reach your full potential. It can be both challenging and rewarding. Throughout the year you will be expected to meet many deadlines and develop your ability to manage your time effectively, while still planning for future endeavours.

Your mock exams will take place before Christmas and it will give you, your parents and your teachers a realisteic idea of what needs to be done further before your final examinations, starting in May.

We are sure that all Year 11 students will maintain the high expectations of the school, developing on previous learning and taking an more active life in school community life. You are role models to the rest of the school – ensure that you are always setting a good example.

Good luck for a great, positive year!