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Hearing Support Department


Hearing Support Department

The Hearing Support Department (HSD) at Overton Grange School was formed when the school opened in 1997 and provides support and teaching for deaf and hearing impaired students following the formal procedures for admission through the local education authority.  Our students are supported in making maximum use of their hearing aids and use radio aids in the classroom. Students may be supported through signed communication (signed supported English) Students have opportunities to learn British Sign Language with our deaf instructor and all students can study BSL Level 1 and 2 from Year 10.

The deaf/hearing impaired students are placed in mainstream tutor groups along with their hearing peers and are taught in mainstream classes for the majority of the school timetable. The students are supported in class by an experienced team of teaching assistants who work alongside the teaching staff,  to ensure that students can learn and achieve their potential.  There is one qualified teacher of deaf children who can provide small group and tutorial lessons.

We strive to promote Deaf Awareness within the school community and all staff have deaf awareness training. Deaf awareness and sign language is included in the pastoral programme at school.

HSD pupils have achieved successful results in GCSE, BTEC and A levels and a number of our  students gone on to study at university in Drama, Nursing, Business Administration, Film Studies, Zoology, Government & Politics and Illustration.

We are very proud of the achievements of students outside of school – one student set up the online website that has improved access to subtitles in cinemas around the country and provides information about subtiled films (www.yourlocalcinema.com) and another student captained  the under 18 pool team (2010 – 12). At the European Championship held in Dublin in February 2012, the youth team, captained by Jack, won every single match at the Championships. Jack also finished runner up in the singles event, which saw him rise to third in the European rankings.

More detailed information about our provision is available from Mr Glen Baldwin, Head of Hearing Support Department.