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Ofsted Report 2016

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Overton Grange School Ofsted Report 27-28 January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Please find above a copy of our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report (27-28 January 2016).  It includes many positive comments about the all-round support the school gives to its students and about the students themselves.

Under ‘Outcomes’ on page 5 there is a comment about us being ‘marginally above the national average’ for the ‘proportion of pupils obtaining five or more good GCSE grades including English and Maths.’  In fact in 2015 the national average was 53.8%.  Overton Grange students achieved 60% on their ‘first entry’ and 67% on their ‘best entry’ (some students took English more than once).

With many thanks for your continued support.