Overton Grange School

Serving our local community since 1997

Drug and Substance Awareness Policy

The purpose of the school drug and substance policy is to:

  • clarify the legal requirements and responsibilities of the school
  • reinforce and safeguard the health and safety of students and others who use the school
  • clarify the school’s approach to drugs for all staff, students, governors, parents/carers, external agencies and the wider community
  • give guidance on developing, implementing and monitoring the drug education programme
  • enable staff to manage drugs on school premises, and any incidents that occur, with confidence and consistency, and in the best interests of those involved
  • ensure that the response to incidents involving drugs complements the overall approach to drug education and the values and ethos of the school
  • provide a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the school drug education programme and the management of incidents involving illegal and other unauthorised drugs
  • reinforce the role of the school in contributing to local and national strategies.


Please click here to download the school Drug and Substance Awareness policy: