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Sixth Form

Thank you for considering Overton Grange as a possible place to study beyond 16.  We are very pleased to say that the Sixth Form here is a ‘Good’ feature of this successful school and has consistently achieved very good exam results for our students over the years.  It is also a community within a community.  We aim to create a college environment within the larger school and local community which will provide a stepping stone between school and either university or the adult world of work.

The Sixth Form at Overton Grange will offer you a great deal, most importantly perhaps a wide range of subject choices, good quality teaching, and excellent learning resources.  Our A Level and BTEC results speak for themselves and we hope you will take this opportunity to see the facilities for yourself and meet the teachers and sixth form students.  There is a positive ethos of ambition, cooperation and common purpose in the Sixth Form.  It is a caring community which is committed to playing a positive role within the wider school and beyond, into the locality.

A school Sixth Form such as ours provides opportunities for student leadership and responsibility in the school community that is not available in a college.  Sixth Formers help other students in sport, reading, cultural activities and in the School Council. Sixth Form Prefects make a considerable contribution to promoting an orderly and secure experience for younger pupils.  Sixth Formers also play a part in running their own events in the Council of Overton Grange Students (COGS). It is an all-round experience which promotes the growth of each individual personality.

We believe we have achieved a good balance between giving Sixth Form students freedom and independence as they learn to manage their time effectively and the close monitoring and support needed to ensure that they do not slip through the net at this important stage in their educational and personal lives.  Parents are informed and involved throughout each student’s career here but the students are treated as young adults and expected to reflect on their own performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and find their own solutions to some of the challenges they face. They do this within a framework of professional support and guidance from the support and teaching staff at the school. We take pride in knowing our students well as individuals and supporting their unique path through the challenges of Key Stage 5.

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