Catering at Overton Grange is managed by Chartwells.

Chartwells’ team of nutritionists analyse our primary school menus using Saffron, a nationally accredited specialist software system.

Chartwells is committed to ensuring our meals assist the outcomes of the government’s Every Child Matters initiative. This aims to give all children the support they need to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

Secondary school pupils need healthy, nutritionally balanced food to help their minds and bodies grow. That’s why our menu development team, comprising executive chefs and nutritionists, go to great lengths to create nutritionally balanced dishes that are familiar and appealing to young diners.

Our specialist software system, nutmeg, allows us to easily analyse meals against government school food standards and ensures we are meeting all guidelines and requirements.

With nutmeg we can make quick, simple changes to menus when required and hold a database of all the products that are used in the menus and recipes with their nutritional values.

Market research has told us secondary students want more grab-and-go style food offers, which is why our menus provide a mix of traditional favourites such as Lancashire hotpot and chicken roasts, with hand-held dishes such as lamb pitta pockets and vegetarian chimichangas.

Our mid-morning break food offers also boast a selection of nutritious and tasty grab-and-go style food offers such as chicken and vegetable samosas, cheese and tomato turnovers and summer fruit compote swirls.

With so much good, healthy hot food on offer, you can be sure that our secondary school menu has a healthy option to please all tastes.

For information on the biometric system, please see below: