Policies and Statutory information

Statutory Information

Schools are required by the Education (School Information) Regulations 1989 to make certain information and matters of policy available to parents. Much of this can be found on our Policies page and copies of the Governing Body’s policies are available on request at the School.

The Education Reform Act 1988

The Act requires that schools make the following documents available for inspection:

  • The schools’ syllabuses and schemes of work

  • The Governors’ Statement of Curriculum aims

  • The Local Education Authority’s curriculum Policy Statement

  • Any published HMI reports on the school

  • All Statutory instruments and other documents about the National Curriculum

  • Arrangements for complaints about the curriculum and religious worship

Governors’ Charging Policy

The School Governors’ policy on charges conforms to the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1988.

Charges for school visits and other activities:

It is a statutory requirement that educational activities during the school day be provided without charge to parents, except in the case of the following:

  • individual and group instrumental music lessons given by peripatetic teachers

  • those items made in Design and Technology lessons which parents have agreed to pay for and keep

  • school visits where parents have agreed to make a voluntary contribution to the cost, subject to the following conditions:

  • parents in receipt of income support or family credit are exempt from charges for board and lodging on visits involving an overnight stay

  • parents who find it difficult to make a contribution can be assisted by the school

  • if all parents who could make a voluntary contribution do not do so, the activity will be cancelled unless the school has an alternative source of finance

For each visit we will continue to draw parents’ attention to this statement but also to the effects of significant numbers requesting support.

Students Personal Possessions:

Students are responsible for their own property. The school is not liable for property lost or stolen or for prohibited items that have been confiscated (e.g. jewellery, mobile phones, MP3 player etc).

Charges for damages to school property:

  • Parents or guardians shall be held responsible for any damage to school property caused by students and may be charged the cost of replacement or repair.

  • Parents or guardians shall be held responsible if students lose any school property loaned to them, such as textbooks or sports equipment, and may be charged the cost of replacement.