Year 9


Homework Timetable – Year 9

All homework is now set via the Show My Homework link (Please see below). You can view the homework set by using the filters after clicking on the Green “Homework Calendar” button.

In Year 9, English, Maths, Science, Languages and DT all receive one homework a week.

History and Geography set their homework in the week they have 2 lessons, while other subjects set one homework per fortnight. RE sets a project that goes across the Half Term.

Options Information

We want to enable students to make an effective transition from the largely compulsory curriculum of KS3 to the more flexible curriculum of KS4 and we have changed the structure of the options to provide a curriculum that gives flexibility for some students to take up to 10 GCSEs while others will take fewer GCSEs with alternative equivalent courses.

The core curriculum that all students follow to GCSE level consists of English, Mathematics and Double Award Science. All students are also required to study RE, PE and Citizenship Studies. ICT is developed and utilised across the curriculum. In addition to these ‘Core’ subjects, students are required to select up to 3 subjects from the options listed. Where subjects are shown across 2 options, students only need to select one option choice. This is a guided choice whereby parents, student, teachers and tutor will need to consider how appropriate a particular subject or combination of subjects is for an individual student.

In selecting option subjects, it is important that students have a balanced curriculum. We would expect most students to continue with a Modern Foreign Language, and Humanities subject to GCSE level.

The key to success is to select a broad and balanced set of subjects that reflects the student’s abilities and interests and maximises their future educational and career options. We have tried to maximise choice but this needs to be within realistic (for the student) and practical (for the school) boundaries, (e.g. if only a very few students opt for a subject we may not be able to offer that subject and if too many students opt for some subjects we will have to limit group sizes if we cannot run an additional group).

Choices made should take full account of how many GCSEs it is appropriate for an individual student to study for. There are a number of ways of reducing the number of subjects studied and the number of GCSEs taken outlined in the introduction to this booklet and which will be further explained at the January Options Evening. There will be two talks, the first at 6:30pm for those students in the Overton band, and the second talk at 7pm for those in Grange. Both talks will be in the main hall.

Choosing the subjects and the courses students will continue to study is a difficult task and it can be a stressful time. As you read through this booklet with your child we hope you will be able to reach decisions without too many difficulties.

If you find there are questions which we do not seem to have answered, please do make a note and either you or your child can contact a member of staff to gain further information.

To view the current options booklet for September 2020 start, please click here:

  • 2020 Y9 Options Booklet

  • 2020 Y9 Options Form

  • KS4 Options Curriculum Parents Evening Presentation 2019