Year 8

After completing their first year at Overton Grange, students now have the opportunity to develop further in all aspects of the curriculum. Students can now use their knowledge and experience gained from year 7 and should be looking to strive further forward in all aspects of their education.

Students should be able to work extremely hard in and out of school without the added pressure of external examinations, allowing them to explore the dynamic, exciting and ever changing curriculum.

In addition to the academic achievement, there will be the chance to join in with the many extra-curricular activities available.

Students are encouraged to work hard, continually following the school expectations, making the most of their school experience in preparation for their lives in the years to follow.

We wish you every success in your journey through Year 8.

Homework Timetable – Year 8

All homework is now set via the Show My Homework link (Please see below). You can view the homework set by using the filters after clicking on the Green “Homework Calendar” button.

In Year 8, English, Maths, Science, Languages and DT all receive one homework a week.

History and Geography set their homework in the week they have 2 lessons, while other subjects set one homework per fortnight. RE sets a project that goes across the Half Term.